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Corona Stone Veneer

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Natural stones come with a beauty that makes them attractive to all kinds of people. The good news is that it is possible to achieve the feel and look of natural stones using manufactured stone veneer. These stones come with a beautiful and striking look that is similar to that of natural stone. Also referred to as faux stones, the human-made material can be used in a wide range of applications such as exterior facades to statement walls.

Some stone veneer products are available in a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes. This can make it hard for even a trained eye to distinguish manufactured stones from the natural stones.

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Where Manufactured Stones can be Used

Builders and architects can benefit from the versatility and lightweight offered by manufactured stones. These can be employed in unique ways that are more than the chimneys and foundations. Stone veneers can be installed in wood and metal-framed walls and masonry substrates of brick or CMU blocks. They can be put on poured concrete where there is the proper installation procedure.

Stone Veneer vs. Natural Stone

On top of the design's versatility, manufactured stone veneers are inexpensive as they cost half the cost of the natural stones. Cultured stones are colored using iron oxide pigments to ensure that stone veneers maintain their nuance and colors for a long time. A wide range of individual molds the unique way of cultured coloring stone, it is possible to have stone veneers with the same size, texture, color, and shape of natural stones.

Like it is the case with natural stones, you don't need to maintain a stone veneer. All that building and homeowners need to do is to wash the surface to get rid of dirt and dust.

Stone veneers are cost-effective as compared to natural stones. They can, therefore, help masonry contractors to cut costs while maintaining their desired custom details. The waste factor of manufactured stones is 2%. This is as compared to a waste factor of at least 10% for natural stones.

Due to its installation speed, affordability, and fast installation, there is tremendous growth in the manufactured stone market. However, you should take note that not all products made of architectural stones are made equally. Therefore, you need to perform due diligence before buying manufactured stones. You should especially be attentive to the pattern, repetition, thickness, and coloration of the stones.

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