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Corona Concrete Finishing

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After you have poured concrete, your next step is to think of a good concrete finishing process. If you would like to complete the project properly, you will need to pick the right finish. With the right concentrate finish, your concrete pouring work will look great and will have a purpose. Some concrete finishes are eye-catching, enduring, and promote safety.

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Basics of Concrete Finishing

When thinking of the right concrete finish, you will want to consider a few options that will look good and perform well. But before you start the concrete finishing process, you will need to understand the different concrete variations. However, all concrete contains three main ingredients. These are:

  • Portland cement. This consists of a fine powder that is made of a burned and ground limestone mixed with clay to react with water before hardening.
  • Aggregate. This mostly consists of rock or sand
  • Water

When water is mixed with Portland cement, a paste that encases an aggregate is formed. When this paste hardens, concrete is formed. The strength of the concrete and its finishing ease is affected by several factors. If more aggregate is used, concrete is strengthened, but it becomes harder to finish concrete. After choosing your aggregate and working out your ratio, you can determine the best kind of finish for your job.

Types of Concrete Finishing

Some of the common methods of concrete finishing include:

Troweled finish

This involves flattening the poured concrete using a screed. A trowel is used to create a smooth and fine concrete surface. This can be done by hand or with the use of a machine.

Broom finish

This is concrete finished with a trowel that is taken through another step. This type of finish begins with the leveling of the surface before closing it through troweling. A special broom is then dragged through the surface to create a rough texture.

Stamped Concrete finish

You should choose the stamped concrete finish if you would like to provide the surface with a special decorative finish. This is a great way of adding visual interest and texture to your floor. This finishing method involves putting panels of different designs on the surface of the concrete while still uncured. The panel’s design is transferred to the surface.

Exposed Aggregate Finish

This type of finish works by exposing the aggregates mixed with concrete. The cement top layer is washed away, making the aggregates to be visible. This is different from other types of finishes where these are hidden. Some of the commonly used aggregates include stones, colored glass, seashells, granite, and other materials.

Salt Finish

This is a concrete finishing method that is commonly used around swimming pools. It involves applying rock salt on the wet surface. After the rock salt creates a tiny bit over the concrete surface, this will be washed away to create a slip-resistant and finely textured surface.

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is a type of concrete finishing where color is added to the concrete before leveling and curing. While there are different color options available, the most common ones are earthy and subtle colors. Stains help to add depth and color to the ordinary concrete.

Polished Concrete

A well-polished concrete will provide your concrete with extra protection and a beautiful look. It will also be easy to clean. Floor grinders are used to polish concrete.

No matter the kind of concrete finishing you need, you can count on Corona Concrete And Masonry to provide you with a stunning look. You can call us on (951) 482-7781 to discuss your project.