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Corona Colored Concrete

this is a picture of Corona Colored Concrete

One of the benefits of colored concrete is that it allows you to create a unique look. This is because concrete comes in a wide range of shapes, patterns, textures, and designs. Colored concrete can be used to make a stunning design or to even blend with nature. If you don’t want to have that boring concrete, it may be time to try out colored concrete.

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Why Colored Concrete

The good news is that there is a wide range of coloring options today. The majority of manufacturers are creating various shades of colored concrete. Even though colored concrete is a bit more expensive, it will provide you with amazing looks that will be worth any dollar. If you work with a creative concrete contractor, the coloring materials will produce various decorative effects. For instance, your concrete contractor can create for you an earth-toned patio or sidewalk that blend with your surrounding landscape. They can also create some vibrant colors that also make the perfect artwork.

The Concrete Coloring Process

Before you start the concrete coloring process, you will need to understand how various products work and the key factors affecting the outcome. First, you need to realize that concrete color is different from paint, stain, or dye. It is a pigment that is mined from the ground and is mostly made in huge chemical factories. The concrete colors can be in liquid, powder, or granular form. All these options work the same.

Pigments of iron oxide are usually times smaller as compared to cement particles. This means that after the color has been added to the cement-based mix, these small chemicals will cover large cement particles. This is why color is usually measured depending on the content of the cement.

Factors Affecting Cement Color

One of the major factors that affect the color is the ratio of water to cement. By controlling the water added to the concrete mix, you can easily producer a consistent color. The color of the concrete can be permanently changed by water addition as water can lighten the final color. Slump control admixtures can make the process easier while removing the need to add water to the site.

If the surface is already drying out or you are working in windy or hot weather, you should use a surface evaporating control agent instead of water. These chemicals can slow the hydration process in hot and windy conditions. Others can help to complete wetting out color hardeners when the concrete is noted to dry very fast.

Contact a Concrete Contractor

For the best results in colored concrete, you will need to work with a qualified, experienced, and reliable concrete contractors. One such contractor is Corona Concrete And Masonry.

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