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Corona Stamped Driveway

this is a picture of Corona Stamped Driveway

How good is a stamped driveway as compared to other materials such as pavers or asphalt? Does a decorative concrete driveway come with more value for money? One of the reasons why you should choose a stamped driveway is because it is more durable than other materials. When it is well installed, a stamped driveway can last for thirty to forty years.

A key step towards having a durable concrete driveway is by starting with the preparation of the subbase of the concrete driveway. When the good and well-compacted gravel is installed, you can prevent the concrete from heaving or settling for a long time. By stamping and coloring your concrete, you can add to the curb appeal of your home and also increase its value.

If you want to have durable stamped driveway in Corona, call us at (951) 482-7781 for free quotes.

Benefits of a Stamped Driveway

There are several reasons to choose a stamped driveway. These are:

  • Little or no maintenance is needed
  • No need to keep coating with materials such as asphalt
  • It isn’t affected by the sun.
  • No need to reset pavers that are moving and shifting
  • No need to remove weed from joints
  • Easy to install

Choosing the Right Stamped Driveway Design

There is a wide range of stamped concrete patterns and designs that you can choose from. These include natural stone, cobblestone, slate, tile, brick, and wood plant. You can use concrete stamps to replicate these designs.

If you choose concrete with integral color or to use acid stains, take note that the concrete may fade a bit if not well cared for. This is why you need to clean or roll a sealer every two to three years. You will be left with a stamped driveway that looks new again.

While they can get slippery, this is a problem with all kinds of driveway materials as long as they are exposed to snow, ice, or water.  You can spray an additive on with the sealer to create a nonslip grip.

To understand if a stamped driveway is the right material for your home, you should speak to a qualified and experienced concrete contractor.

If you are searching for one, you can call Corona Concrete And Masonry at (951) 482-7781.