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Corona Concrete Leveling

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The house you live in needs maintenance and good upkeep so that you can enjoy living there for a longer time. You spend good money buying durable and strong materials for the construction of your house. Your house provides safety to you and your family members from various outdoor calamities. Hence it is of utmost importance to keep the aesthetics and structure in good condition. We at Corona Concrete And Masonry undertake masonry works and offer concrete repair jobs. For any kind of concrete leveling work in Corona, you can connect with us at (951) 482-7781

Concrete-Favorite Construction Material

Concrete is a favorite building and construction material, and you can find concrete in many places in your house. The foundation, the kitchen slabs (countertops), basement walls, partition walls, etc. Moreover, the use of concrete is not limited in houses, but they are used extensively in buildings, bridges, dams, roads, etc. The strength and durability that concrete provides are unmatched. 

It is very easy, flexible, and quick to work with concrete when builders have to lay foundations, to put partition walls in homes and basement walls, etc. The houses made of concrete have fewer air-borne allergens, containments, and they provide a healthier environment than most frame houses. The house where concrete is used in construction has cleaner indoor air.

What is Concrete Leveling?

Concrete leveling is a technical term that a civil engineer uses as a technique to give uneven concrete surfaces a uniform level. The Uniform level is very important for any concrete surface like pathways because an uneven surface can cause accidents. Concrete surfaces may give way to settlement due to various factors. The most common reason for the settlement of concrete slab is the inconsistency of moisture in the soil. With the fluctuations in the level of moisture, the soil expands or contracts. The moisture level is different in dry seasons and rainy seasons, so the concrete surfaces may not have a uniform soil structure beneath them as time passes.

Soil erosion and improper drainage are also responsible for concrete settlement. Due to these reasons, a concrete block often develops an uneven surface when it sits in. 

Concrete leveling is the procedure to correct concrete settlement, uneven footings, and uneven concrete surfaces. This is an economical option as the replacement of concrete can be quite expensive. Contractors suggest this technique to alter the uneven surfaces in a stipulated time-frame and budget. 

How is it Done?

The technique of concrete leveling is also referred to as mud jacking, which aims to bring the uneven concrete to its original level. It is cheaper than pouring new concrete surfaces and also saves time. It is performed by experts who pour the slurry mixture through small holes drilled on the surface. The slurry mixture is a highly dense polyurethane foam that is pumped into the holes. This mix fills the void, then the level of the entire slab starts rising. The experts take care of how much mix is to be pumped so that the slab rises to its original level.

Call Corona Concrete And Masonry at (951) 482-7781 for the correction of uneven sidewalks, patios, or driveways. One of our experts will soon visit your property and suggest you with appropriate solutions to restore your concrete structure to its original state.