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Corona Concrete Slabs

this is a picture of corona concrete slabs

Concrete slabs are crucial in any concrete structure. They determine if a structure is going to last. For this reason, much emphasis is usually put on them. They are best constructed by a trusted contractor. This way, we can eliminate the possibilities of a structure not being durable. At Corona Concrete and Masonry, we are experienced in constructing and laying all kinds of slabs in Corona.

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To avoid making costly mistakes, give us a call anytime you need a slab, and we will be there for you. Trying to pour concrete slabs on your own may seem like a good way to save on costs, but it isn't. The risks involved outweigh the cost of hiring a concrete contractor to do it for you.

Concrete slabs are classified into two types, namely suspended and ground bearing. Let’s take a look at the two.

Ground Bearing Slabs

This type of slab is commonly known as an on-ground slab. It is mostly used in domestic constructions and commercial structures for ground floors. This type of slab is economical when compared to the suspended one.  It is an ideal option for sloppy areas and those with non-reactive soils. Constructing a ground bearing slab requires a lot of design. That is why you need a professional concrete contractor to pour it for you.

Leveling is usually done before pouring this type of slab.  If not, leveled curing will be uneven, causing cracks. Only our expert bricklayer can level your ground and pour a perfect slab. The cut and fill method is commonly used for areas with steep slopes.

Suspended Slabs

Unlike the on-ground slab, this type is suspended and requires sufficient reinforcement to hold. These designs are used to strengthen suspended slabs.

Waffle Slab

A matrix of recessed segments below the slab is used for additional reinforcement. Since waffle slabs require a strong foundation, they usually go deeper than most slabs. Waffle slabs provide strength in two dimensions creating enough resistance to counter soil movement and vibrations. Talk to us, and we will send a bricklayer to pour a strong waffle slab for you.

Ribbed Slab

Although this type of slab gives strength in one direction, it offers enough strength and resistance to soil movement. The concrete beams placed between the piers and the integral ones in the perpendicular direction adds to the reinforcement.

Corrugated Slab

To construct a corrugated slab, ready mix concrete is poured into a corrugated steel tray.  The suspended slab is strengthened by the steel tray. We usually do decking for strengthening the slab to prevent it from bending and collapsing under its own weight.

Pouring concrete and getting a slab done is something you can’t do on your own.

Reach out to us on (951) 482-7781 for a strong and durable slab.