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Corona Decorative Concrete

this is a picture of a finished product for decorative concrete and masonry

Concrete is one of the most used and popular construction material. Its strength and durability are unmatched.  Although it is popular and durable, concrete isn’t that attractive. Its natural grey color won't work for you if you are looking for something attractive. The problem is we can’t just leave a strong and durable material like concrete for lack of beauty. But thanks to modern decorative technology, we can give your concrete touch of beauty and elegance.

Appealing Decorative Concrete

We use several techniques to make sure we give you an amazing concrete surface that looks lavish. At Corona Concrete and Masonry, we are experienced in any concrete work. When it comes to getting you an amazing finished concrete surface, you can trust us.

If you want to have decorative concrete in Corona, talk to us. Just give us a call today on (951) 482-7781 if you need professional help.

Decorative concrete is the trend in Corona nowadays. Most homeowners are embracing this new technology, which has proved effective. The good thing with this technology is that it can even be done on pre-existing dry concrete. There is no need to replace the whole floor. Just talk to us, and we will give your old floor a whole new look.

Styles Used in Decorative Concrete

From adding special decorative ingredients to using stains, there are many ways to decorate your concrete. These are some of the styles we use to get you an amazing concrete floor.

Engraving Concrete

This style works for already existing concrete. Unique patterns of your choice are engraved into the concrete. Special engraving tools are used to cut shapes and patterns into dry concrete.  Engraving concrete, just like most concrete works, requires experienced personnel. At Corona Concrete and Masonry, we have experienced engravers who can engrave amazing patterns on your concrete.

Stamped Concrete

This is the most popular style thanks to the endless design possibilities that come with it. With stamped concrete, you can have whatever design that appeals to your eye. You want a stone pool deck, but you can’t afford one? Then this is the option you should go for. We can make concrete mimic natural stone for your deck.

Thanks to stamped concrete, you can get that stone look and texture in your home. The resulting texture looks exactly like the stone you won't even tell the difference. Other textures and designs like brick and wood can also be achieved.

Concrete Dyes

Concrete dyes can be used to give your concrete floor new amazing colors. If you want to achieve a lavish-looking concrete surface, then this is what we will use. We are experts when it comes to dyes. The only drawback with this option if used outdoors that alcohol-based dyes fade over time.


In this method, mechanical grinders with diamond pads are used to polish concrete. The grinders have varying grit sizes depending on the floor texture you want to achieve. Concrete usually maintains a700 grit shine. But if it is treated with sodium lithium silicate, the grit shine ranges from 1700-3000. A glassy stain is achieved after several polishes. Color can be added by using acid stains and dyes.

If it is a pool deck or a patio you want us to work on, just give us a call at (951) 482-7781.

We will respond as soon as possible and make sure we get your concrete surface shining.