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Corona Flagstone Patio

this is a picture of corona flagstone patio

One of the most preferred materials for patios is flagstone.

It is a good choice so call us at (951) 482-7781 as it comes with narrow packed joints that make it possible for water to permeate instead of flowing away. Corona Concrete and Masonry builds the best flagstone patios in Corona.

Flagstone patios come with a natural and organic appearance due to their earthly shades and shapes of reds, browns, blues, and grays. Flagstones also offer several benefits such as:

  • A natural appearance
  • Durable
  • Ability to lay it on a dry surface
  • Rich color with different natural variations

Layout and Patterns of Flagstone Patios

With flagstone patios, you can create a formal or informal look. To create that formal look, choose cut flagstones and ask the masonry contractor to lay them in a repeating pattern. To create an informal look, pick irregular flagstones, and ask the contractor to lay them randomly. The informal style is also referred to as crazy paving.

Random Rectangular Patterns

Choosing a flagstone in a random and rectangular pattern is a great option for creating that formal and organized appearance. These rectangular shapes offer continuity in combination with the staggered joints that help to minimize the monotony. By mortaring these patterns, you can create a smooth surface that is a great choice for sliding chairs in a dining table.

Crazy Pavings or Irregular Patterns

To create a casual and organic look, you can choose an irregular flagstone pattern that takes the natural appearance of the stone. You can fill the gaps using small stones. Alternatively, you can have it mortared. The downside of this layout is that it isn’t a great choice for moving patio furniture. This is because it consists of rough stone edges and a series of small joints. To prevent the table and chair legs from getting stuck, you can choose wooden furniture that is wide and sturdy.

Growing Plants Between Flagstone

You can grow plans in the small opening between flagstones to soften your patio's appearance. Several kinds of grass and groundcovers are a great choice for this purpose. These include dichondra, sedum, mint, moss, and many more.

To determine the best pattern and layout for your flagstone patio, you should speak to an experienced concrete contractor.

If you need one, contact Corona Concrete And Masonry at (951) 482-7781.