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Corona Concrete Foundation

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A concrete foundation needs to be checked regularly. This is especially the case in you live in an area that has expansive soil.

Foundation problems mostly occur as a result of an extremely dry or cold season. By carrying out a thorough foundation inspection, you can ensure that your home is on solid ground.

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There are several areas where an inspector should check when doing foundation inspection. These are:

Foundation Structure

When carrying out a foundation inspection, the masonry contractor will look at the footers of the foundation to ensure that they have the right depth. They will check if the distance between the foundation walls is right and if the walls are at the center of the footer. The inspector will examine the foundation wall to see if it’s made of the right material and thickness suitable for the surrounding soil conditions. The inspector will check to see if there is the proper installation of the concrete reinforcement as well as anchor bolts.


Another area that a foundation inspector should look at is on whether the foundation that encloses the habitable space is well waterproofed. This can be done through cement applications, waterproofing membranes, or other bituminous waterproofing materials, especially in an area where there is a risk of water infiltration. The concrete contractor will check if there are signs of water damage or even if the waterproofing is damaged.


The concrete inspector's role is to determine if the foundation walls have enough venting, such as the right type, number, and vent spacing.

Foundation Movement and Cracks

When examining the structure for signs of movement, shifting, or cracks, the concrete contractor should look out for cracks in wallboard, plaster, and cracks. The inspector should also look out for cracks in the ceiling, shifted, or buckled floor tiles. Check out for moldings that separate the doors and walls binding or sticking.

Plumbing Damage

One of the biggest threats to the stability and health of your structure is moisture. This is why you should speak to a concrete contractor to inspect the plumbing systems for signs of loose pipe fittings or leaks. This will ensure that the foundation doesn’t get damaged by excess moisture.

Consider the Look and Feel of the Foundation.

The inspector will observe the feel and look of the foundation to see if there is a change in the foundation’s look. Are there any signs of discoloration or cracks? If your answer is yes, it is an indication of a problem in your foundation.

Bugs or Musty Smell in the Basement

Check your home for musty smell or bugs. These are an indication of foundation and moisture damage.

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If you suspect that there may be a problem in your foundation, you should speak to a concrete contractor. One of the most reputed names in this area is Corona Concrete And Masonry.

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