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Corona Bricklayer

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Masonry involves constructing structures using stone or brick. Apart from dry masonry, mortar is also necessary for binding the stones or bricks together. This means there are two popular types of masonry. These are stone masonry and brick masonry. In brick masonry, a bricklayer used bricks, while in stone masonry, stones are used.

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Brick Masonry Vs. Stone Masonry

If you are wondering which of the two masonries is better, here is a comparison of the two.

  • Brick masonry is usually cheaper as compared to stone masonry. It is also easy to construct
  • Walls that are used in stone masonry have a minimum thickness of 35 cm. This is as compared to brick masonry where walls have a thickness of 10 cm.
  • Bricklayers work very fast as compared to stonemasons. This is because bricks are handy in comparison to the stones.
  • Less mortar is used in brick masonry as compared to stone masonry that needs more mortars
  • Stonemasonry is usually stronger and more durable as compared to brick masonry
  • It isn’t a must to plaster stone masonry. However, brick masonry should be plastered
  • Bricks often have a non-absorbent nature. The fact that they don't absorb moisture means they can make your building dampen. Stones, on the other hand, are less absorbent, making all stone masonry walls to be damp proof.
  • Brick masonry needs to be protected from sewage and urine. This isn’t necessary for stone masonry
  • Brick masonry is usually fire-resistant as compared to stone masonry
  • You can easily add ornamental work on plasters when using brick masonry. The same cannot be done on stone
  • Bricks have a uniform and regular shape, making it possible to achieve proper bond. Acute and obtuse angle joints can be achieved in brick masonry as compared to stone masonry.
  • Bricks don’t absorb as much heat as stone. Therefore, if you live in a hot area, stone walls will emit more heat, making it uncomfortable to stay in your sitting room.

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