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About Our Team

this image shows corona concrete and masonry

Corona Concrete and Masonry has been around for more than two decades, servicing the metro and surrounding areas. We established our business with the best and most experienced team of professional concrete masons in the area. With a commitment to provide services to as many customers as possible, we never lost our goal of also providing our customers with quality services. This has been accomplished by only relying on those concrete contractors who have proven experience. To prove that they are qualified to assist with the various needs of our customers, we vet everyone who works with our Corona customers. This is how we are assured of their ability to effectively address the needs of those who rely on us for their service needs.

We are also willing to work with you even if you have a predetermined budget. Most of our customers have some type of budget and this is a great starting point, as it helps us present the options that are available within his or her budget. Corona Concrete and Masonry also offers the most efficient concrete and masonry services, which means that our customers are afforded their money’s worth. When you want value for your money then it is best to allow our team of experts to help with your service needs, as they have the proven ability to do so. When you need help with any type of concrete project, we hope that you will consider us first.