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    When you need the services of a Corona concrete contractor, you can depend on Corona Concrete and Masonry. If you want quality services at affordable prices then you are sure to find it when you rely on us for your concrete and masonry needs. We have the most qualified team of professionals to take care of the services for you. With the right training and years of experience, we effectively handle the needs of everyone who relies on us for his or her service needs. It doesn’t matter the extent of the job that needs to be done; we can handle it. Our concrete contractors are vetted and prove effective in their duties, which means that they can provide our clients with the help that they need.

    For concrete and masonry construction that stands above all others, the contractor to call is Corona Concrete And Masonry. Our specialty is right there in our name. We do magnificent work at competitive prices. Everyone at the site is fully trained in the industry and fully dedicated to the craft. The community trusts us because most of it has already seen what we can do. Accomplishments on such projects as driveways, pool decks, patios, outdoor fireplaces, and kitchen countertops get high praise for their quality. There’s more than one reason for that.

    Years of experience within the crew, a detailed plan, and meticulous care with Corona concrete construction all play a part. Another important factor lies with our high standards. Those who appreciate fine Corona masonry know that it never pays to cut corners or rush through a job. We’re in love with the idea of doing work that gets talked about in a positive light for years afterward. You’ll get work like that when you put us on the case. It’ll be done on time but not rushed; it’ll look beautiful; it’ll stand strong for decades. Get in touch with Corona Concrete And Masonry today to find out more: (951) 482-7781.

    About Us

    Corona Concrete and Masonry is the preferred concrete company in Corona, CA. There are no concrete services that our talented team of experts is not capable of providing to you. Due to the commitment of our contractors, we have been instrumental in helping thousands of people with their service needs. They have proven that their training and experience were worth our taking a chance on them. It is because of their quality of work that we have become the preferred and most widely used Corona concrete service. Since we effectively address the needs of so many in the area, many of our satisfied customers go on to recommend our services to others. This helps us reduce our advertising expenses and pass along the savings to our customers.

    Our Services

    When the time comes when you need to have a new driveway installed, a new patio built, or deck, you can always rely on our experts at Corona Concrete and Masonry. Rather than trying to get price quotes from different service providers, just give us a call and we’re sure that you’ll be so impressed with our prices that you won’t need another quote. We offer the concrete services that are requested most often and this is why so many turn to us for his or her service needs. Our contractors have become known for the quality of service that they offer and this has served us well over the years, as we continue to grow our business.

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    Concrete Contractor

    We know that some will try to handle their own concrete service needs. They go online and they are convinced by the videos that they watch that they can pour their driveway or build their pool deck. However, when they start they can't finish. No problem, contact us and we'll pick up where you left off.

    Our staff of professionals knows just how to reap all the benefits offered by this highly versatile material. Concrete coloring, concrete stamping, and all other forms of decorative concrete fall right under our very ambitious scope. Sometimes clients want to keep things simple with concrete slabs; others go full tilt with styling, taking advantage of our stamped concrete service for concrete pavers and slabs. Either way is just fine with us. Remember that we’re here to give you what you want.

    Are you looking to have a concrete wall built around the perimeter of your property? No problem. Do we build concrete retaining walls? Of course, we do, under full certification. What you’re going to see with those are attractive barriers that protect your landscape from erosion. We build them in many different sizes, tiered or singular. Our concrete walls are the best looking, most reliable ones found anywhere in the business.

    That goes for any concrete construction that elicits curb appeal. Corona homeowners adore our skills in this particular arena (and if you happen to be a business owner, we can help you, too). Concrete driveway installation is a frequent request we’re all too happy to fulfill. And because our decorative concrete service is unsurpassed, the doors are wide open on myriad styles that can match or artistically contrast with the surrounding landscape. Already have a nice looking driveway that could maybe do with a bit of glamour? We lay concrete edging and bordering that’ll make for a handsome frame. And speaking of ornamentation, our concrete pillars make for a regal welcome at any driveway gate.

    Which isn’t to say our expertise always lacks subtlety. We build the most charming concrete walk paths from the driveway to the porch, garden, or any other place around your home. We can install new concrete flooring for the garage or basement. Ask about our modus operandi for building concrete stairs, ranging from basic, no-nonsense to statement-making awesomeness. It all comes to your home or business courtesy of Corona Concrete And Masonry.

    Concrete refurbishing and repairs are also no trouble whatsoever. We replace damaged concrete slabs and pavers. We perform concrete grinding on old flooring, which smooths them over for fresh new concrete overlay. Any concrete construction piece that needs fixing or sprucing up will be a-okay when placed in our highly capable hands. And while we’re on the subject of sprucing up, we can breathe new life into your patio or pool deck with a concrete fireplace or outdoor kitchen. We’ll also take a bit of the sizzle away from that pool deck by applying a special coat of cool decking to keep those decorative pavers from burning sensitive feet. Nor does the deck need to be slippery when wet. With our slip-reduction techniques such as salt finished or broom finished concrete, your deck will be much safer to walk on. Services like these and so many more come to you with one phone call to Corona Concrete And Masonry at (951) 482-7781.

    Pool Decks

    You may be like many others who use their pool deck a lot during the hot summer months. If you have a pool deck it likely offers you enough space to relax and entertain. If you are unable to do this on your current deck then perhaps you need a new pool deck. Our contractors at Corona Concrete and Masonry can provide you with a deck that offers you everything that you want and need. Dial (951) 482-7781 to get free estimates.

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    When you want or need a new driveway then we hope you’ll allow us to provide it to you. We have experienced concrete contractors with the necessary skills needed to effectively install your new concrete driveway. Our experts are talented enough to also design the type of driveway that you would like.


    When you want a customized patio constructed of concrete, you have come to the right place. We have a team of professional concrete contractors and masons who have the skills needed to effectively design and construct your new patio. When you want to be sure that you can get what you pay for, rely on us.

    Dial (951) 482-7781 to get a free estimate.

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    Stamped Concrete

    Let us show you how much better your concrete can look when stamped concrete is applied to it. It has become more popular over the years and for good reason, it adds interest to boring grey concrete. Our experts will advise you of where your stamped concrete would look best. Call on us when you want to help to enhance the appearance of concrete.

    Masonry Contractor

    You may not think that you can afford our masonry services but we assure you that you can. Since we offer such a variety of masonry services, we are sure that we can also help you with your service needs. You don’t have to look any further, as the buck stops with us! We have all that we need, including the talent that to assist with your masonry needs.

    Call (951) 482-7781 to get free quotes.

    Outstanding as our concrete construction is, there is simply no alternative to the authenticity of natural stone for some clients. And oh, do we have a lot to offer them! Natural stone provided by us is not only mesmerizing to look at but strong enough to last a lifetime. We handle stacked stone construction for walls and pillars. We offer a stone veneer of the most impeccable quality; you’ll save money by letting us install these thin slates over a concrete backing without giving up the impressive performance that stone puts on. Our Corona paver stones look truly astounding on horizontal surfaces such as indoor flooring. Customers rave about the marble floors we install, and granite countertops, and travertine pool decks. Stonemasonry done right is the stone masonry done at Corona Concrete And Masonry.

    We do pretty sharp work on brick masonry, too, like walls, outdoor fireplaces, steps, pathways, and pool coping, to name a few things. Like stone, brick can be used as a veneer on non-impact surfaces. Then, there’s the enchantment that derives from our brick paver installation, which can cover any place one walks or parks a car. Excellence in brick masonry is a forgone conclusion when our team is the one you’ve chosen.


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    Areas We Service

    Corona Concrete and Masonry is built on a foundation of professional concrete works. Our company also serves the needs of homeowners in nearby cities including El Cerrito, Eastvale, Jurupa Valley, Chino, Chino Hills, Norco, Mira Loma, Morena Valley, and Riverside. Corona Concrete and Masonry provides our services to homes both new and old. Our team can handle projects for residential properties as well as commercial projects. If you are in need of concrete services for an upcoming project, we will make you aware of the necessary steps and what to expect. Call us today for free estimates.

    Contact Us For More Information

    If you have to rely on the services of a local concrete contractor, we hope that you will call on Corona Concrete and Masonry. You deserve to receive the best quality of services possible and we are prepared to offer it to you. Our proven effective concrete contractors have the skills and qualifications needed to produce the best results possible. As the most sought after concrete contractors in Corona, we are often called upon at the last minute to help with the needs of our customers. We're always here when you need us! Contact us at (951) 482-7781 for immediate servicing.

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    “When we were trying to determine who we would hire to install our new parking lot, we received lots of quotes. The one that stood out was from Corona Concrete and Masonry. They had great reviews and were affordable. We chose to use them and they offered us fantastic service.” – Sherri J.

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    “We had a pool installed and now we need a pool deck. Our neighbor suggested that we hire Corona Concrete and Masonry, so we did. They provided us with a fully functional pool deck. I recommend them to anyone who needs an affordable deck built.” – Charles R.

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    “Our driveway was always in need of repairs. We hired this company to install a new one and we haven’t had any problems with it in the past 5-years. I highly suggest you contact them for your concrete service needs.” – Gary T.