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Norco Concrete Contractor

A picture of masonry in Norco, Corona.

Many homeowners are very good at taking care of the indoor parts of their properties. However, they ignore the outdoors, leaving it in bad shape. Later on, when they need to spruce the outdoors, they are forced to fork out thousands of dollars to have the repairs done.

You don’t have to wait for so long to detect things that need repair in your home in Norco. Instead, you can check for signs of breakdown that needs repair. Contact Corona Concrete and Masonry at (951) 482-7781. Here are some of the common problems you need to look out for on your sidewalk.  

Cracked Surface

If there is an area that is exposed to different kinds of weather, then it’s the sidewalk. This means that they often develop cracks over time. Even though the small cracks don’t mean much, the large visible cracks are a sign of danger. If they are left unattended, they can get into the surface, causing the sidewalk to rot below. This is why you need to have these kinds of cracks repaired immediately.

Broken edges

The edges of the sidewalks can cave in as a result of excess loads, especially when installed in high-traffic areas. The chipped edges can block the underground drainage if they aren’t repaired in time. They can also cause a tripping hazard for pedestrians as well as parking problems for cars. This is why you need to remove asphalt and concrete in the affected area and to replace it with new edges.

Depressed or Raised Surfaces

If the sidewalks are made with tiled layouts, these will often cause problems. This is because some tiles may move out of place due to the continuous load application or the soft soil below the sidewalk. This can cause a tripping hazard. When you notice this in your sidewalk, contact a concrete contractor in Norco.

Fading Colors

When your sidewalk is newly built using asphalt, it will have a dark black color. However, this color will begin to fade with time, and it will turn light gray. This is mostly as a result of exposure to snow and sunlight. Even though this may seem like a small issue, the black surface plays a role in protecting the underlying layers from harsh weather elements. Once the color has faded, the inner layer will easily crack. Therefore, it is advisable to replace the faded sidewalk with a fresh layer of the coat to preserve its strength.


If an area has poor water drainage, there can be an accumulation of moisture below the sidewalk’s surface. In case you have a slightly wet surface or a surface with water accumulating around the edges, there is a risk of the sidewalk being damaged by the moisture. While water on the sidewalk surface isn’t a big challenge, water beneath the surface needs to be fixed. If your sidewalk in Norco needs repair, contact Corona Concrete And Masonry at (951) 482-7781.